Turning it off

This summer I have been feeling so drained and attached to my phone. To help me not be on my phone all the time I turned off my notifications. This way I can live more in the moment and not be so dependent on others.

To start I turned off my Snapchat notifications. Snapchat is the app I am on the most and I actually dislike the most. I always felt like I had to respond to everyone all the time. After just a day i forgot that I even had it. There is all of 2 people that I actually enjoy talking to on that app. The idea of sending pointless pictures to each other is kind of dumb in my opinion. When I first downloaded the app years ago I had to make sure i looked good in every snap. I quickly stopped doing that because I did not have enough energy to do that as a 13 year old.

Instagram is my go to app right now. I turned off those notifications so I was not so obsessed with who liked my photo and who commented what. Of course I still look but it is a lot less stressful to be tracking photos to make sure they are doing well and getting upset when they aren’t getting the attention I was hoping for. I am working on that though. I will not have my life be run by likes, follows, and comments.

At first it will feel weird that your phone is not constantly buzzing, but you will feel a lot less stressed and start to focus on others in your life and not the ones on your phones all the time. You can focus on bettering yourself whether it is through exercise, work, or a hobby.

I want some others to try turning off notifications whether it is just on one app or all. Let me know how the experience goes whether you liked it or did not. I want to hear how others used the time they would normally be looking at their phone for other things. I always need ideas for new hobbies and things to try. If you decide to try this DM me on instagram @megann.gallagher and when I check it I will gladly try to reply to everyone! You can also send me an email (look at my contact page for that info)! Always look forward to hearing from Y’all!

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