First Year and Thank You

This year has been like no other. A year of a new beginning, of new friends, of losing friends, of a change of scenery. It will be a year I will never forget.

I started my freshman year of college at Mercyhurst University as a Fashion Merchandising major. Since I just moved out yesterday I thought I would share my experience in this April/May post. When moving in I knew nobody. I was in a few group chats before getting there but there was not anybody that I bonded and became friends with. My roommate was a random selection that I got 2 weeks before moving in so I had no idea what I was going into because I barely knew her. After being there for a few days my roommate and I started to make friends and by the second or third week of school we were hanging out with this group constantly.

If you are like me, you constantly feel like you don’t belong. The whole year I never quite fit in with the school. Even though I had people I could hang out with there were always ones who did not quite want me there for various reasons. I realized very quickly who were my friends and who weren’t. Nobody should feel as if they can’t be friends with someone because they choose not to do some things.

Toward the end of my first semester I started looking into other schools. Of course I never went through with it and I continued going to MU. Was it a mistake? No, Because I made other friends and realized my self worth. Of course there will be people who will try to tear you down but I will never let a person use my as a doormat and walk all over me ever again.

A message to my incoming freshman:

Never let go of yourself and change for others. There are people who will love you for who you are. Sometimes it may not feel like it and you are alone, but they’re there. Just may take a little digging to find them sometimes. If you are in a situation where you are being bullied and harassed, get help. Let it be known. Never keep that to yourself. If you need to talk to friends about it: do it! If it gets to the point you need to talk with your school: Please do it! it is never okay to feel terribly about yourself because others do not like you. You do not have to be friends with the first people you meet on campus. Be friends who make you feel comfortable to say what you feel and make you feel comfortable to talk about problems and yourself.

I’d like to thank a few people.

Thank you to those who stuck by me and listened to me as went through changes to find myself again.

Thank you to those who did not judge me for wanting to stick to the certain things that made me, me.

Thank you to those who helped me with newly developed struggles.

Thank you to my new friends and my new roommates, I’m so glad I stuck around to meet you amazing people.

Thank you to my mom for helping me speak up. You did an amazing job raising me and I am so grateful for everything you do for me.


Thank you to the one(s) who made me feel lesser than. You made me realize who I am and who I should stay being. You helped me realize my worth and I shouldn’t have to change because you don’t like me because there are so many who do. Everybody doesn’t hate me. I am a great person and my mom raised a great daughter. I am not any of the things you said to me whether it is behind my back or through a window.

To anyone who needs to talk about literally anything you can dm me on instagram and I would love to listen and chat with you. @megann.gallagher or @inreallifestyle. If you would like to send me an email you can go ahead and go to the contact page and send me one. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Rachel says:

    Love you mega!!❤️❤️

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