Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas: Covid Edition

Covid has stopped a lot of date ideas like going to restaurants, shopping, or the movies. Valentine’s day is coming up and you may still need ideas for a date you promised so here are a few alternatives.

1. Cooking night

Instead of going out to eat why not stay in? You could have a cooking/baking night with your partner. Make cookies, cake, pasta, pizza, or whatever else your hearts desire this Valentine’s Day! You could make it into a little competition on who makes the best dish.

2. Backyard Picnic

A backyard picnic is the perfect combo of going outdoors but staying at home. If you live in a warmer climate this may be a great idea for you! if you don’t want to stay in your backyard then branch out to a big park or go on a hike and bring some food along.

3. Movies

In a new relationship and haven’t watched each others favorite movies? Do it now! It’s the perfect day to stay in and learn more about your partner with their favorite movie. Jaws? Monsters Inc? Pretty Woman? Can’t pick a favorite? Watch them all! Make it an all day event with your favorite snacks and favorite person.

4. Game night

Why not have a night filled with classic board games like Monopoly, Operation, Clue, or maybe a good card game. See who can win the most games at the end of the night.

5. Go for a drive

Want to get out of the house? Go for a drive! Pick up your favorite food and drive around listening to your favorite songs. You could drive past your favorite spots in your city or find a place to stargaze.

6. Arts and Crafts

Can’t go to an art museum? Get creative! Make your home a museum! Grab some paint and paint each other or something for your significant other! open up and let the other see how your feeling in your beautiful creation! They are bound to love this homemade gift like they love you!

I hope these date ideas find you right in time for Valentine’s day and let me know if you use these ideas and how it goes!

instagram: @megann.gallagher and @inreallifestyle

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