It’s Time for a Change

If you’re thinking about trying something different with your hair, do it now! This is the perfect time because we have been falling into a routine and just going through the motions of our day lately and we need to mix things up a little bit. I wanted to treat myself, so I scheduled an appointment with my hairdresser for the earliest thing she had available which was the next day.

In the morning, at 8:30, I woke up, got ready quickly, and drove 15 mins to my appointment which was at 9:30 and I was going to get lost on my way there so I made sure I left enough time for that delay. I ended up being two minutes late, but it was fine. The appointment lasted until 11:45 and I had to hurry home because I had a class at 12:30. I was too excited to focus on the class because there was a mirror right next to me and I just couldn’t stop looking at myself. It was so different!

A little backstory: I have been bleaching my hair since 7th grade. I am now a freshman in college. my hair was becoming so damaged from it! My junior year of high school I stopped and let it do it’s thing. I was sick of my hair looking gross and having a yellow tone so I decided to dye it.

My whole family has dark brown hair. My hair has always been a bit of a mystery because it’s always been blonde, (not because of the bleach) a dirty blonde. Now I can fit in with my family when we go out together. They say my brother looks just like my dad but they tell me, “oh, I see a little bit of your mom in you”. Thanks, I think? Overall i’m really happy with how it turned out and I would definitely dye my hair darker again and I recommend an impulse hair appointment.

So for the reveal….

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